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Interview Skills - Face to Face and Online Interview Skills Workshop

Congratulations they called you back!

Now it’s time for an interview and we understand that an interview is something that can make us all nervous. This interactive workshop aims to give you some tips on preparing and presenting yourself for an interview.

We will offer guidance on the use of body language and help you to use the STAR method to answer behaviour type interview questions. We will also consider the implications of the current crisis on interviews and how an alternative may be conducted.

The way employers recruit and interview for jobs is changing, it is becoming common place for employers to conduct job interviews online, or via the phone. With this in mind, we have designed a workshop to prepare you for both virtual and face to face interviews. During the session we explore what to expect from a face to face and online interview, online etiquette and how to prepare and present yourself during the interview. We will also explore some of the platforms you may be asked to use when attending an interview online. We also discuss some of the selection processes employers use to short list prior to an interview.

To enrol on Interview Skills

What do I need to take part in this workshop?

Most sessions are face to face, please attend in person and bring with you, a pen and paper.

If your session is delivered online you will need access to the internet on a computer, tablet or smart phone to be able to join in the Zoom sessions and to access online resources posted on a Padlet. You will also need an email address so you can correspond with the teacher.

What will I be expected to do before the course?

Please check your emails / mobile telephones for information from the teacher.

What will I be expected to do during the course?

What can I do next?

You can always join the other workshops in this suite of 4: 

Ask your teacher for more information about other opportunities. Alternatively you can find out more about other opportunities we offer including gaining a qualification for yourself.

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