ICT The Basics

Why not join one of our short ICT the Basics 

These course are delivered face to face in Arndale House andare either 5 or 6 weeks in length

We offer morniing or aternoon courses and these ar e2 - 2.5 hour long sessions, you need to attend each week 

What will I cover?

During the courses you will focus on various outcomes including, for example:

There is also an opportunity to focus on the support you need as well.

To enrol on ICT the Basics

What do I need?

These sessions are face to face so you will need to be able to get yourself to Arndale house about 10 minutes before your session start time.

For the session just bring yourself, a pen and paper.

What will I be expected to do before the course?

You may receive a telephone call from us but if you are able to, please also check your emails which will tell you where and when you need to attend. This information is sent out about a week before the course. Keep an eye on text messages from the teacher as well.

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